Mesmerise with Medusa Costumes


Medusa costumes are amazing for Halloween. Medusa herself was a character that fitted into the Halloween theme perfectly as she had snakes for hair. Legend has it that one stare from the cold eyes of Medusa could turn a man to stone. So when you are thinking about your medusa costume you really need to concentrate on the hair and get this right, as this is the foundation of really good Medusa costumes.

You might like to try adding snakes onto headpieces or creating a wig effect from them, try out a few ideas and see which create the best effects and you will not be disappointed.

Medusa Adult Costume

Medusa always wore long flowing dresses and these are quite easy to get hold of and these can be further embellished with sew or stick on jewels which catch the eye. You might want to add snake themed jewellery to the costume to make a Halloween outfit that will make you stand out in the crowd.

Sexy Medusa Adult Costume

For a sexy Medusa look at Halloween why not put a spin on things. Wear a tighter floor length dress to create a sexy look and paint snake scales on your face in gold and silver, this is bound to attract some attention. Make the most of any snake accessories that you can find as they all help with the costume ideas to make yourself into a sexy Medusa for this Halloween. You might want to try a sleek hairstyle and add a couple of diamante snakes to make yourself look even better.

Mystic Medusa Adult Costume

For a mystic look you need to distress the costume a little, so shred them and make them look as though they are quite old. Greek inspired patterns are also useful and you can add pieces of jewellery that are fitting in with this theme for your Medusa costumes. At Halloween people go crazy with their costumes so you can be as daring as you like with your designs.

Medusa Elite Collection Plus Adult Costume

Anyone can look great dressed as Medusa as there are so many different costume looks. It doesn’t matter what size you are or how old you are you can tailor Medusa costumes to be exactly how you want them. Just remember that the key to the Medusa look is to have a head of snakes and a long and flowing dress with plenty of jewellery and charms.

Medusa Plus Deluxe Adult Costume

Medusa costumes can be created from anything that you can find that will cover you up from head to toe in fabric, to this then you can add sashes and other items. You might want to transform your hair (if it is long) into a mass of thick curls that look like snakes curled around each other. To this you can then add a few rubber snakes and entangle them in your hair for a really scary Halloween costume idea.

Dress like Medusa and get some fantastic costume ideas and remember that at Halloween time the sky is the limit and you can be as daring as you like.

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