Mario and Luigi Costumes

Mario And Luigi

Kids, moms, dads, frat boys, investment bankers; gamers come in all shapes and sizes and from every walk of life.  Regardless of age or occupation, everybody loves Mario and Luigi.  These trailblazers of Nintendo ™ gaming have so many spin-off games that generations of Mario and Luigi fans are still playing and begging for more.  Jumping mushrooms and grabbing golden rings is just the beginning.

Mario and his super sidekick Luigi are as popular as ever and showing up to any party clad in the iconic overalls is bound to be a hit.  From the curled up mustache to the well-fed belly, these costumes define “good time”.  But bring your own shoes because Mario and Luigi have worn theirs out.

Super Mario Bros.  – Mario Deluxe Toddler/Child Costume

When Mario’s newest fans just cannot get enough, this complete costume will provide hours of fun.  Whether trick or treating or just playing dress up, the iconic blue overalls with built in long-sleeved red shirt are good to go.  But the look would not be complete without Mario’s trademark mustache and belly.  Including an inflatable belly, curled black mustache, red hat with a white M on the front and white gloves, any kid could be mistaken for Mario himself in this official Nintendo ™ licensed costume.

Super Mario Bros. – Luigi Deluxe Toddler/Child Costume

Mario wouldn’t get far without Luigi.  Never one to be left out, Luigi is in the thick of things and watching Mario’s back.  Kids everywhere will make a splash showing up as the always dependable, daredevil, Luigi.  Classic blue overalls with the long-sleeved green shirt built in and matching green taxicab style hat with the big white L, are just the beginning.  This complete Nintendo ™ licensed look also includes curly black mustache, white gloves and an inflatable belly for that “well-fed” look.

Both Mario and Luigi costumes are available in Infant S/M/L as well as Toddler S/M/L.  Does not come with shoes.

Mario Deluxe Adult Costume

Mario fans rejoice!  From the M on his red hat to the inflatable belly that says he has been into the spaghetti, the details included in this Nintendo ™ certified Mario costume set it apart from the posers.  The classic red long-sleeved shirt built in to the most recognizable blue overalls in the gaming world, white gloves and that curled black mustache complete the look that will tell others you went the distance on your costume.  Mario himself would be proud to be represented at any event by someone who understands his attention to detail.

Luigi Deluxe Adult Costume

Luigi always has Mario’s back!  The gaming world’s most beloved sidekick, Luigi, gets his due with this complete costume ensemble.  From the iconic green hat that sports an “L” on the front, down to the blue overalls with the built-in green long-sleeved shirt, the details are plentiful and work together to make for a total Luigi look.  Licensed by Nintendo ™, this official costume also comes with black mustache, white gloves and an inflatable belly to round out the outfit.

Available in small, medium and large these official Nintendo ™ licensed costume are good to go for Mario and Luigi fans of all sizes.

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