Get Ready to Scare with a Freddy Kruger Costume


Freddy Krueger Costumes and gloves

Everyone knows that getting the perfect costume for Halloween is top of every party goers list. One costume that is great for people of any age is the Freddy Krueger costume which sends chills down everyone’s spine. Freddy Krueger was the horror character of the 80s and he is still as scary today as he was all those years ago. If you want to costume ideas for this classic horror character you have plenty to choose from, so take a look at the ideas below.

Freddy Krueger Mask

No Freddy Krueger costume would be complete without the iconic Freddy mask. Made to look as though you have the burned face of Freddy Krueger this mask will make everyone gasp with horror when you step into the party. Made from rubber with holes for the eyes and mouth you can wear this mask for hours without feeling uncomfortable. Top the mask off with the Freddy Krueger brown brimmed hat and you will look as though you are ready to create some nightmares on Halloween!

Deluxe Freddy Metal Glove

For a really spooky touch to your costume you will want to have the deluxe Freddy metal glove. This is a leather look glove with metal ‘blades’ on each finger which were used by Freddy to terrorise his victims. These gloves are hardwearing and will compliment any Freddy Krueger costume perfectly, although they should only be worn by over 18s due to their blades.

Ms Krueger Naughty Nightmare Adult Costume

For women who want to look sexy yet scary there is the Ms Krueger Naughty Nightmare adult costume which will be sure to set pulses (and hearts!) racing. Comprising of a stripy dress in the same pattern and colors as Freddy’s jumper this tight, short dress will make you look as though you are everyone favour naughty nightmare. To make this costume look really authentic you can add the Freddy metal glove, Freddy mask and hat – being scary has never been this sexy!

Krueger Sweater & Mask Child Costume

Even children can enjoy Freddy Krueger costumes with the Krueger sweater & mask child costume. With a mini, child sized Freddy mask and stripy jumper your children will look like mini versions of this scary movie character. Add to this dark colored trousers and a brown hat and your children will be every inch the infamous Freddy. You might even want to opt for Freddy gloves with plastic blades to up the scare factor but keep little hands safe at the same time. One thing is for sure, when you choose Freddy Krueger costumes for children or adults you will be creating the perfect frightening look for Halloween.

Freddy Kruger Glove

Dressing up as your favourite scary movie character is always a big hit on Halloween. Freddy Kruger is one of the most popular choices for costume ideas and it is easy to see why. This is the guy who for years made the kids of Elm Street’s lives a living hell. He tormented them in their dreams and did his best to kill off as many children as he could. Now you can become the evil Freddy this Halloween with a Freddy Kruger costume, but this would not be accurate without the infamous Freddy Kruger glove.

The Freddy Kruger glove comes in various options which can be used by all age groups. For children you need to opt for the Freddy Kruger glove that has the plastic blades. These are made from metal-look plastic and look exactly like the gloves that Freddy wore in the Nightmare on Elm Street films. Wearing plastic bladed Freddy gloves means that all children can have the fun of dressing like Freddy without the worry of metal blades on the gloves which could cause injury.

Adults on the other hand can wear Freddy Kruger deluxe metal gloves with blades made from real metal. These are made from material that looks just like the leather gloves worn by Freddy Kruger himself. As the blades are made from metal they look so realistic and they will send shivers down the spines of anyone who sees you in them. The edges of the blades are not sharpened to make them safer, however these gloves should not be worn by anyone who is under 18.

The Freddy Kruger glove looks best when worn with the rest of the Freddy Kruger costume. For this you will need to get a pair of dark brown or black trousers, a black and red striped jumper and a brown wide brimmed hat. Don’t forget to also wear a Freddy Kruger mask to look as though you have been burned up like Freddy was in the movies. All of these items worn together will make you look as though you have just come hot from Elm Street ready to give everyone you see some nightmares!

So if you are looking for the perfect costume ideas for this year’s Halloween you should get yourself a Freddy Kruger glove and recreate this classic horror movie character. With very little effort you can make yourself look absolutely terrifying at Halloween.

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