Dress up in Bonnie and Clyde Costumes this Halloween for the Ultimate Couples Look


Couples can sometimes find it hard to get good Halloween costumes – but now that is a thing of the past when you step back in time and go for Bonnie and Clyde costumes. Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were the ultimate in style, danger and romantic glamour in the 20’s and when you take a look at these Halloween costumes you can see why. Women dressing as Bonnie have several options – the pant suit or the skirt and jacket, all teamed with her trademark beret. Men dressing as Clyde should favour a pinstriped suit, wingtip shoes and a fedora hat. These costumes are sexy and great fun to wear and they are perfect for anyone of any size.

Gangster ‘20s Adult Costume

For a sexy Halloween Bonnie look why not go for a fitted pinstriped jacket and tight skirt to imitate the bank robbing girl everyone wanted to look like. With a mixture of sex appeal and danger, the Bonnie outfit it is bound to be one of your favourite costume ideas. Go heavy with the make up and make the eyes dark and the lips bright for the most effect. Bonnie was the ultimate woman of the 20’s and she worked the look with ease, and so can you with the right costume and make up combinations.

Gangster Suit Long Jacket Adult Costume

Men wearing the long jacket in pinstripe will have the Clyde look down to a tee. To really get the gangster look the jacket needs to have sharp lines and be doubled breasted to go along with the fashion of the day. Add a freshly pressed button down shirt underneath for the maximum in gangster chic and you will see why Bonnie was so attracted to this seriously sexy gangster look. Add to this a fedora hat at a sultry angle and a toy gun or two and you Halloween costumes will look perfect.

Gangster Moll Plus Adult Costume

The gangster’s moll was probably one of the most deadly characters of the 20’s and Bonnie was this all over. With more than just a hint of danger Bonnie dressed to impress even when they were on a heist, so it’s no wonder that so many people used to mistake her for a film star. Get the look yourself by picking the gangsters moll costume which is a little shorter and more daring than some of the other suits, this Halloween costume is ideal if you want to create a sexy and sultry impression this Halloween.

Gangster Doll Adult Costume

Any couple who want to recreate the looks of Bonnie and Clyde for the Halloween costume ideas will have no difficulty in finding the right costumes. They come in many different styles and suit all sizes, and adding an accessory or two can really bring a costume together, so try experimenting and see what you can come up with. So for all you couples out there who want to have some Halloween costume ideas that are fun, sexy and with more than a hint of danger go for Bonnie and Clyde costumes for Halloween party fun!

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